May 29, 2012

White Chocolate Gelato with Blue Berry Coulis

Few nights back was Italian night for us at home. Starting with fried Mozzarella balls, then my very first thin crust meat loaded pizza (which I am very proud of) , Fish Lasagna and then finished off with this smooth White Chocolate dessert topped with beautiful blue berries. My husband says it is not the best of my desserts, but my guests loved it in-spite of not being able to budge after a really heavy dose of Italy. I thought it was really good too. Very simple and tasty for the kind of easy effort I put into it. I am not very proud of my picture but nevertheless felt I should share this recipe for the rest of the dessert lovers like me.

You will need:
Granulated Sugar - 2 tbsp
Water - 5 tbsp
White Chocolate chopped - 300 gms
Eggs separated - 3
Cold Double Cream - 300 ml

To Serve:
Blueberry Coulis or any Fruit coulis of your choice

Melt the sugar and the water in a heavy based pan. Boil the mixture for another 3 minutes until syrupy. Remove from heat.
Stir the White Chocolate into the hot sugar syrup and stir well until a smooth creamy consistency is achieved. Cool slightly.
Beat the egg yolks slightly and add to the chocolate mixture until well combined. Cool completely to room temperature. Keep aside.
Beat the cream well until stiff peaks form and fold it gently into the White Chocolate mixture.
Lastly, whip the egg whites into soft peaks and fold it well into the chocolate mixture.
Pour into your individual dessert molds or a loaf tin and freeze over night.
Before serving, place the dessert molds out for about 10 minutes and turn it out your serving plates. 
Top it with the fruit coulis of your choice and enjoy a wonderful dessert.

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