I am a simple home maker who loves to cook and experiment with whatever there is in my pantry.                  
For me, a recipe is only a theme, with which any intelligent cook can play with every time. Cooking is my way of de-stressing from my daily life and this blog is only a extension of my passion for it. I started the blog initially with the intention of just saving all my successful recipes in one place but now it has become more of an encouragement to do better and challenge myself to outdo my capabilities. 

Now you may wonder, why this name for the blog? It is not very complicated but simply because I love to cook for my husband the most, who is a Captain in the Merchant Navy and hence the name- The Captain's Kitchenette! He is my biggest support behind starting this blog.

The reason behind learning the different techniques in the Culinary Art and trying to make the many recipes I find online and cook books, goes back to my childhood days. My mom would whip up so many different things and I was quite awed by what all you can make just my mixing up several things that she would pull out from her pantry. I would help her out as a child  and slowly the interest to create different flavours grew in me even without my knowledge. When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I was suddenly in such a hurry to learn easy cooking and baking, so that I too may make everything that my mom made for us.

I hope with all your love and support, I will be more encouraged to learn, create and someday master the art of cooking and my new found passion, Food Photography. Speaking of mastering, I am suddenly reminded that both these fields are so vast that it may take me several years to get anywhere close to it, but I will try nevertheless. Please feel free to drop in your feedback on the recipes as comments and do join the blog in the followers section if you liked being a part of my journey so far. You can also mail me at thecaptainskitchenette@gmail.com  with queries, suggestions or even if you want me try a new recipe. 

Happy Cooking and looking forward to hearing from all of you!

The Author,Photographer and The Chef


  1. Hi Serah. Wonderful Blog; Impressive photographs. Can you guess who I am?
    Visit me at myfoodtreasures.blogspot.com and accept my friend request on FB. Would love to keep in touch with you.

    Guess Who?

    1. Thank u soo much. Jannet?Hope i got that right ;)

  2. Hey Serah, I really love your blog. Everytime I read it I want to go back and make something! :)

    1. Thank you sooo much Swapna :) . I am following your blog too. Love your photography. Been seeing it on FiB as well :)

  3. Nice blog Serah!! Glad to follow your blog :)

  4. Thanks a ton Shema :) . Thanks for accepting my entry too btw ;)

  5. Hi Serah,
    I was following ur blog for all the beautiful recipies, but some time back I could not log on..also I spend more time watching food than cooking and eating as I follow a restricted diet due to health reasons. Blogs like yours do not make me feel inadequate. It reminds me of the fullness and beauty of life...also allows me to enjoy the beautiful pictures...
    Pls dont restrict use of ur blog!